A Day Without Whopper – When Corporate Social Responsibility Meets Clever PR

So this week something peculiar caught my eye when I was doing my daily scroll through social media. Presenting exhibit one below.

An apparent truce in the Battle of Burgers. On first glance you might feel shock horror, two titans of the food industry coming together in the name of charity. What’s next? Tesco promoting Asda’s Pizza Counter? or House of Fraser giving it’s staff a day off to let people shop at Debenhams? Has the world gone mad.

Ok enough dramatic narrative.

Let’s now look at this from a PR and Marketing perspective, Burger King want to kill two birds with one stone. Or rather two aims with one budget. (Really no budget as they just took a potential hit on sales for one day). One, they have a corporate social responsibility to give to charity. Two, they want a good social media campaign. Possibly throw in a third, that McDonalds are going to give all their Big Mac profits to charity, so how can they ‘one up’ that and do something better.

Enter ‘A Day Without The Whopper’ (whoever thought of this deserves a pay rise, cause I personally think it’s so clever). Here we have a campaign that not only show’s Burger King supporting Charity but supporting their competitor to support charity. The sheer shock value of the whole thing makes it the perfect social media campaign, Burger King knew what they were doing here and did it well. The design itself is eye-catching and you automatically recognise the two brands, which if you’re like me will have made you stop in your scrolling and think ‘What’s this about?’. And for me the post has great ‘share-ability’ value for social media, it’s a talking piece. It stuck with me, I automatically asked my work colleagues if they’d seen it and what they thought and that’s exactly what a good campaign should do.

This is infact not the first time that Burger King has played on the rivalry as part of an Online Campaign and the brainchild for this idea may have started back in 2015 when the ‘McWhopper’ was born.

Back in 2015 Burger King created the ‘McWhopper’ and sent an open letter to McDonalds proposing a collaboration between the two brands in honour of ‘Peace One Day’. Burger King called for a ‘ceasefire on Burger Wars’ in the name of peace with all proceeds going to the cause. McDonalds didn’t bite at the McWhopper and politely declined the offer.

So it seems this time around, Burger King have taken matters into their own hands, with this charity campaign and in my opinion Burger King came out looking better than ever. On social media people praised Burger King for their great campaign and it afforded them a day of trending online and looking like the ‘bigger person’ in said Burger Wars.

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