“I Am Looking For A Professional Marketer – Not a Bikini Model” – In Defence of the Austin Bikini Shamed Job Applicant.

If you follow things on the great realm of Twitter, you’ll probably have heard this story. Girl applies for job at Marketing company. Company asks for her social media handles. Company stalks girl and judges her. Company body shames girl on their social media. Wait rewind. What

Yes you read that correct, the girl in question followed the company on Instagram only to find that they had posted a screenshot of a bikini clad picture from her profile. On the picture which was posted on ‘Kickass Masterminds’ Story said: PSA (because I know some of you applicants are looking at this): do not share your social media with a potential employer if this is the kind of content on it. I am looking for a professional marketer – not a bikini model.” Go on with your bad self and do whatever in private. But this is not doing you any favours in finding a professional job.”

The company has received a lot of backlash for this on social media and have subsequently shut down their social media accounts and website.

Personally I think it’s ok for companies to scan a candidates social media and I think it’s almost expected nowadays. However I don’t think it’s ok for a company to call out a candidate on their Instagram page, especially for the way she dresses. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with the girl’s post, she was clearly on holiday enjoying herself like any normal person and I don’t see any issue in posting a bikini picture. I personally think the girl had a lucky escape not to work with such an unprofessional company.

The thing that bothers me most about this whole escapade however is the fact that the company said “I am looking for a professional marketer – not a bikini model.” Why can’t you be both? Since when does being a bikini model limit your ability to be a good marketer. This comment personally bothers me as I have faced similar situations in the industry, where I was once told by an employer (targeting students) that parents would not take me seriously as I was also an ambassador for an underwear company. It was insinuated that I should remove some of the underwear/bikini posts from my profile, in order for them to able to share my content.

I now have a job in a great company doing PR and Comms, obviously my experience of being an ‘Bikini model’ has not hindered this in any way. So can we stop shaming women because of their bodies please and thanks.

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