Can Christmas Ad Giants Team Up In the Name of Corporate Social Responsibility?

If you were watching prime time TV on Friday night (6 December) you might have noticed something a little bit different about the Ad Break during Gogglebox. This was thanks to a collaboration from Save the Children and MediaCom North.

The ad break started with a message from Save The Children ambassadors Myleene Klass and Dom Joly who are seen sitting in their finest Christmas Jumpers. This was then followed by special editions of some our favourite Christmas ads – the famous John Lewis Ad even got a Christmas Jumper Style Makeover with Edgar (The Dragon) appearing in his very own little Christmas jumper. Others involved included Duracell, M&S, Waitrose, Moonpig and Smyths Toys.

The ad break marked a refreshing move away from traditional commercialised Christmas ad’s towards an appeal for a good cause. It is expected that 5 million people will take part in the annual Christmas Jumper Day on this Friday – 13th December. Raising more than £4 million for Save the Children.

I personally think it’s great to see big retailers getting behind a charity campaign at this time of the year. I also think it’s great to see many competitors teaming up to all get behind the one campaign.

Often Christmas adverts get stuck in a rut of just trying to get us to buy their latest product or service, however cute and sentimental the message might be the retailer is ultimately still trying to make a pretty penny off the back of Christmas culture.

This ad campaign reminded me of the Iceland Ran Tang banned Tv advert from last year which shed light upon the palm oil crisis and how it was used to make many of the nations favourite products., a collaboration with Green peace, the ad really made me respect Iceland for supporting a cause rather than just sharing their products.

I really liked the Christmas Jumper Day Campaign this year and it makes me more likely to buy from a retailer when I know they support important causes. I feel we should be seeing more of these type of campaigns in the future.

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