Are ASOS Leading The Way For Innovation In Fashion E-Commerce?

If you are on Linkedin or follow fast fashion business you may have seen ASOS’s latest development, which looks like a step in the right direction for improving the shopping experience and usability of their site for the consumer. The new AR feature aptly named ‘See My Fit’ allows customers to see a simulated view of a product on models of different sizes. There are 16 different sized models to choose from ranging from size 4 to 18. So far the response seems to be have been overwhelming positive and it looks to be a great development for the company. Here are some other useful ASOS tools that make the company one of the most forward thinking and innovative in the business in my opinion:

Fit Assistant

ASOS Fit Assistant is a tool I use quite a bit on the site, while some retailers might have a generic size guide. ASOS go one step further and ask you a series of questions about what brands you wear and what sizes you wear in these brands. It then compares this data to people who wear that size in another brand, what size they bought in this product and whether they returned it. Giving you an overall percentage of customers that were that size, that bought the product and were happy with it. I think this a great way to use customer data for helping inform customers in their purchases. The fit assistant also saves your information to your account so that anytime you click on a product it recommends your size to you. Really great use of technology there.

Buy The Look

Ever see an top you like on a model, but love the shoes and jacket they’ve paired with it? Only to spend ages looking for the jacket on the site, after typing a variety of possible keywords. ASOS takes the hassle out of this for you and offers you the option to ‘Buy the look’ where you can click into the items paired together and automatically add them to your basket. This takes out the time spent browsing and often getting frustrated on the site.


ASOS takes saving items to your favourites one step further by allowing you to create ‘boards’ which you can name and then also share with friends. This feature is great for creating a wishlist to share with friends/family or also for shopping for a particular occasion so you can see all your options together, such as a wedding, formal, birthday etc.

Virtual Catwalk

ASOS has their first stint with AR back in July of this year when they realised their Virtual Catwalk tool which allows consumers to view a model walking the runway through their camera. You are able to see the model place them on the floor and then move the model around. This was another step in the right direction for the brand to keep up with popular technological advances and certainly had people talking about the brand.

Personalised Recommendations

One of the main things I love about ASOS and rarely see on other sites is the level of personalisation in their recommendations within the app. Especially the many different categories provided. Today when I logged onto the app I could see:

  • Alternatives for ‘Sold Out Stuff’ in Your Saved Items
  • Similar Vibes To Your Saved Items
  • We Found These For You In The Sale
  • Styles Based on Your Shopping Habits
  • Key Picks From Categories You’ve Been Looking At

I absolutely love that ASOS takes the effort out of online shopping for me and usually the recommendations are pretty accurate of brands I like and buy from and style I’ve been looking at. I especially love that they recommend alternatives to sold out items which you have saved. This is extremely clever and saves me a lot of time in the purchasing process.

Overall I think the innovation and use of technology shown by ASOS on their E-Commerce site pits them far beyond their competitors and shows as a brand they consider their customers purchase journey and buying experience. Customers value the personalised touches and ASOS goes the extra mile to take the hassle out of online shopping, other brands take note.

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