The Real Winner of the Superbowl was Sabra’s Advertising Campaign

If you’ve heard about the Superbowl you’ve probably also heard a thing or too about the different ad campaigns, which each company vying for the best ad, in one of the most coveted advertising spots of the year. Almost like the coveted UK Christmas ad’s one of the best parts of the Superbowl can be the ad campaigns that go along with it.

The one campaign that caught my attention this year was – Sabra Dipping Co’s Ad which aired during the second quarter of the game, and in the 30 second campaign managed a star-studded count of 19 celebrities from the world of pop culture and the internet.

The best thing about the ad was the combination of internet culture with pop culture giving it legs on both social media and on TV. The ad brought influencers off the internet and onto our big screens, showing breakout TikTok stars Charli D’amelio and Brittany Tomlinson aka Kombucha Girl. As well as Doug the Pug, a popular online canine influencer (yes you read that right).

The ad didn’t shy away from inclusivity either, showing different races including Spanglish singer Becky G and African American rapper T-Pain. As well as supporting LGBTQ+ inclusion through the use of popular Drag Queens; Miz Cracker and Kim Chi from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The end of that encouraged viewers to share how they ‘mmus on social via the hashtag – #HowIMmus. It’s no surprise that the ad was produced by VaynerMedia.

What really impressed me about the ad was the acknowledgement of how internet culture is influencing popular culture more and more. The mix of celebrities meant there was someone that most generations would know making it relatable for the entire family. I know my mum and dad would recognise Scary Spice aka Mel B, just as I did Charli D’amelio and Doug the Pug. \

Well done Sabra, let’s see more of these informed ad’s.

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