Tesco Proves Every Little Does When It Comes To Diversifying Their Product Range.

This week Tesco made headlines with a new addition their Health and Beauty Product Range. A new line of plasters which provided colour options in light, medium and dark. Something which has never before been done by a UK Supermarket chain and is a huge step in the right direction for inclusion of people of colour in the UK.

Whilst this might seem like only a small change to their product selection, it has received rave reviews from people of colour who hadn’t been able to find skin tone matching plasters before. The plasters also show the power of social media, as the product was developed as a response to an emotional tweet from a US Man who was able to find a ‘band aid’ in his own skin tone for the first time.

Nicola Robinson, Tesco’s health, beauty and wellness director, said: “As one of the largest retailers in the UK, we understand that we have a responsibility to ensure our products reflect the diversity of our customers and colleagues.

“We believe the launch of our new skin tone plaster range is an important step and a move that we hope will be replicated by other retailers and supermarkets across the country.”

Tesco, which is the UK’s biggest seller of own-brand plasters, said its new plasters would be available at all of its 741 UK stores.

The step to add these plasters to the range is a step in the right direction for Tesco’s representing all their customers and comes after fashion brands have been expanding their underwear ‘nude’ ranges and makeup lines have introduced larger shade ranges to incorporate all skin tones.

Hopefully this addition will see more larger companies follow suit and diversify their product range.

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