17 Things I’ve Learnt While Self Isolating

This is kind of going to be a reflective post, cause I don’t really feel like posting about anymore negative news and Coronavirus goings on. So I’m just going to have a wee chat with you all about some lessons and thing’s I’ve learnt this week while being in isolation. I’ve had a lot of time to think and do things.

  1. That I actually don’t hate going to work and uni everyday
  2. A little bit of Spanish, I’m learning it again. I’m planning on learning more because I used to speak pretty good Spanish, I’ve put my subtitles on in Spanish for my Netflix and that’s helping me remember some.
  3. That there is a limit to the amount of Netflix you can watch
  4. That playing a Virtual Pub Quiz with your family in your own living room is more fun than it sounds
  5. That keeping your sleeping pattern in check is hard
  6. That TikTok dances are harder than they look
  7. That daytime TV is not the one
  8. That some brands are getting their marketing strategies right and some are getting it wrong (check out: I SAW IT FIRST)
  9. That group Facetime calls with the girls are good for the soul
  10. That SIMS 4 is really addictive and not good for my uni schedule
  11. That everyone is getting Disney+and I haven’t caved yet, I also don’t really like Disney that much so I might not buy into it
  12. That the movies Contagion and The Platform will give you an insight into our situation and are definitely worth the watch
  13. That online shopping for clothes is less fun when you have nowhere to wear them
  14. That I’m grateful for my dressing gown and dog at this time
  15. That I took the little things for granted until now
  16. That I will never not appreciate simply being able to leave my house
  17. That being able to travel is a privilege and not a given

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