How Is Social Media Facilitating Social Distancing?

What is ‘Social Distancing’?

So if you’re reading this post you are probably social distancing. Social distancing can be described as an infection control measure intended to slow down the spread of contagious disease. In this case Coronavirus.

You may have heard people talking about ‘flattening the curve’, so what does this mean? Well this involves preventing a sharp peak of infections like what we have been seeing in Italy, to allow healthcare facilities to be able to cope and also provide time for treatment to be developed.

Here’s a simple diagram showing the effects of protective measures such as social distancing on flattening the curve. This is the reason that many of us are now in isolation in our own homes.

Promoting ‘Social Distancing’

So I’ve recently saw a lot of companies and LinkedIn users utilising their platforms to promote social distancing in different ways here are a few of my favourites:

Brands After Corona’ By BlueSteak Media

This campaign imagines what brand logos would like like in light of social distancing, I think it’s great as it uses recognisable brands that everyone is familiar with and takes a new take on them. This has great share-ability for social media and is great for creating awareness of social distancing.

#AloneTogether by ViacomCBS, Comedy Central and MTV

The Alone Together campaign has combined giants of the TV and Entertainment world to raise awareness for social distancing. The content utilises the power of social media influencers to share the message among their followers.

Making Social Distancing Social

So back to the title of the blog post, how is social distancing being made social? By Netflix Party of course. If you can’t have a movie night with your friends do the next best thing and download Netflix Party Chrome Browser Extension which allows you to watch the same programmes as your friends and chat about it within the same browser. Here’s a screen grab of Love Is Blind on Netflix Party:

This is a great way to stay connected with your friends whilst social distancing and I know I’ll definitely be utilising this feature. Although in everyday life it’s gets criticisms for making us anti-social, social media is really proving it’s original purpose in bringing people together at this uncertain time.

Support for Those Unable To Social Distance

Something I have also noticed is the amount of discount and support being made available for NHS Workers and those who are unable to self isolate and this is also being promoted through social. The below thread tracks all the offers and discounts available.