No Freshers Fair? No Problem, Paperclip HQ has a Virtual Solution.

In these uncertain times, it is unclear how many unis will be able to reopen in September, with many already announcing their plans to continue lectures online for the foreseeable future. But what does this mean for coveted student events such as the freshers fair? Where students can usually avail of many freebies and discounts. Will the incoming class of 2020 have to miss out on these perks and rite of passage for most first years?

Well, fret no more as the team at Paperclip HQ have announced their very own ‘virtual fresher’s fair’, so you won’t miss out. You will be able to experience all the deals and exclusives you would expect at your uni’s fresher’s fair from the comfort of your own bed.  The online initiative will bring students the hottest deals straight to their inbox in the form of a virtual welcome pack. This welcome pack will be jam packed with discounts and freebies from top brands including Amazon and UberEats.

The pack is completely free to sign up for and only takes a few seconds and will entitle you to over £3,000 worth of freebies and discounts. So it’s really not one to be missed. There will also be exclusive competitions for great prizes such as holidays, iPads and cash with a 1 in 10 chance to win. The only catch is that you’ll have to wait till 20th August to receive your pack, in fitting with university start dates and traditional fresher’s fairs.

This new initiative from Paperclip comes after the success of their online marketplace platform which allows students to buy and sell their stuff such as old textbooks and electronics. This could be a great place for postgrads to make some cash or undergrads to save some dollar on their textbooks. Over 50 unis have exclusively signed up to the site already and it’s also free to join. Students can also create their very own buy/sell group for their halls, accommodation or course to help find what they are looking for.

To sign up for the virtual freshers fair head to